Temple Tree Resort & Spa - A Luxury Beach Resort in Bentota

Situated by the pristine beach of Induruwa, that is free from swarms of tourists, the clean peaceful beach stretch in Induruwa is where one lays down with a good book, tanning under the tropical sun; it is where the coconut groves sway to the tune of the sea breeze which brings along with it, the fresh smell of the Indian Ocean.

There is much to discover in and around peaceful, unpolluted Induruwa, located just 10 minutes from Sri Lanka’s beach haven, Bentota. Hop on a tuk-tuk (three wheeler taxi) to visit tourist markets in the area, visit ancient temples or watch turtles come to lay eggs on the beach, and if you fancy travelling, get easy access along the highway to the ancient fort in Galle and other beach destinations along the coast.

How to get here? Temple Tree Resort & Spa Induruwa is just ten minutes away from Bentota and one hour from Capital city Colombo. Hire a taxi from Colombo at the airport or by one of the leading transport providers in Sri Lanka and take a scenic route, along the coast. If in a hurry to get to your dream destination, take the highway that will have you at your dream destination in under one hour.